Things to Know About Dance Mat Typing At A Glance


Do you have students or children who want to learn how to type from scratch or improve their typing? If you do, then dance mat typing course from BBC is a great choice for them. It is a fun, interactive and very easy way to learn touch typing. With sounds, graphics, and animated animal characters, your kids will learn how to type fast while having fun. The best part is that this course is free and very easy to use. You don’t even need to sign up or log in to start using it. Learn more about this typing course below.

Things to Know About Dance Mat Typing

How it workscomputer

Dance Mat Typing is divided into four levels with three stages on each level. Every stage builds on the preceding lessons and introduces you to new letters. To find out how you’re performing, the course allows you to test your typing speed at the end of every level. You’ll get better and better as the course progresses.


There are several, different animated animal teachers to take you through each of the stages. They’ll show you which fingers to use, and where to put your fingers on the keyboard. At the end of every stage, the teacher, and his supporting cast will always sing a song to celebrate your accomplishment. Some of the teachers you’ll meet in the course include goat, rooster, flamingo, giraffe, yak, octopus and snake.

Support Characters

There are a few support characters in every stage of learning. When you’re unable to type the correct key, these characters will come to your aid and give you useful tips on how to do so. But that’s not all they do; they also compliment you whenever you complete a task successfully.

Different Stage Settings

In every sdesktop computer tage, there are different scenes and learning objects to help you learn effectively, while appreciating the stunning views. For instance, in the first stage where the teacher is a goat and a rock star, you’ll be required to break all the music discs at the bottom of your computer screen to accomplish all your tasks. Similarly, in stage three where the main animal teacher is a rooster, you’ll be required to break all the eggs at the bottom to complete all the tasks.


One of the main highlights of this course is music. Different animated characters will entertain you will various music genres throughout as you learn to type. For example, the rock star goat will sing for you a rock and roll while playing guitar, while the yak will bring you some quiet and mysterious Tibet music.

Overall, Dance Mat Typing is clearly an excellent way to learn touch typing fast and efficiently while having lots of fun. Enjoy!