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Coloring is no longer an activity for the children, but even adults can do it. That means they need some quality markers to do an excellent job. It would also help if adults chose markers that work well for them but not just picking some children’s coloring pencils or any other cheap markers they find. Luckily, grown-ups interested in coloring can find some of the best markers for coloring from the stationery stores. These can allow them to create stunning pictures and give them long service.

Here are some tips to help you select the best coloring markers for use by adults:

Consider Bleeding

Bleeding is the major problem when coloring with markers. Typically, adult coloring books are one-sided, and are the pages are thick to prevent the color from bleeding through, but still, adult artists witness the problem when using some markers. The best way to deal with the issue is to first test the marker on the coloring book or sheets before embarking on the actual work. Also, it would help to have a thick paper underneath the page that you are working on to help reduce bleeding.

Check the Color Selection

wide colors selectionMany people love a wide variety of things, and the same may influence them to choose a marker set due to the many colors shown on the package. Indeed, many colors allow you to exercise your creativity to the fullest and offer so much flexibility. You could find even a marker set with 150 colors, giving you so many color options more than you have ever imagined of or you will ever need. Nevertheless, having so many color options does not mean the set is the most economical and practical among all the other options. The best way is to check the color-guide on the marker box and consider all the shades you need. Buy only that which offers the color shades you will need but not so many you will never use.

Consider the Pigment Base

As you shop for your coloring markers, you have a choice between alcohol-based markers and watercolor markers. Those who are beginning using markers are better off starting with alcohol-based markers, so if you are a newbie, choose those. Typically, the alcohol-based coloring pens have vivid and brilliant colors, dry quickly, and easy to use. However, they produce a sting smell due to the alcohol solvent. Therefore, as you shop for your markers, consider if you are sensitive to the alcohol smell, so you can choose the ones without it if it irritates you so much.