It is important that any spokesperson always stays prepared to speak purposefully and concisely in regards to the brand or idea, they represent. Their messages should resonate with the target audience and with such a demand; skillful media training is of great importance. There are different aspects of media training that gear towards helping individuals make the most of any interview opportunity. The media training programs address what an interviewee should say it and how to say it. Some of the aspects covered in media training include;

Aspects covered

Spokesperson Preparation

hands holding smartphone This includes making speakers aware of what makes information newsworthy as well as what media relations is all about. It is the responsibility of the speaker to clarify the purpose of the interview in addition to identifying the audience’s interests and needs. The aspect of preparation is important as it allows the spokesperson let the interviewer do their job and at the same time position the organization they represent well.

Delivery of Message

The next step of concern in media training is to teach the spokesperson how to develop ideas that accurately deliver three key messages. This includes describing what they represent, differentiating it by taking the lead and showing its core attributes and finally addressing what is in for the audience in regards to what they represent. They will also be enlightened on the need to prepare proof points that substantiate, distinguish and add credibility to the information conveyed to the audience.

Rules of Engagement

Not everyone knows how to interact with the press and thus the element of engagement allows spokesperson learn some standards before they present themselves to the media. First, if one does not want a statement to be quoted, then they should not make it. Secondly, it is okay not to have all the answers, and it is okay to admit not knowing rather than giving false or inappropriate information. Finally, when one cannot answer a question due to various circumstances, they should simply say ‘’no comment.’’

While covering rules of engagement, a spokesperson is also made aware of avoiding to speak about competition or future details of timing, costs or volume. It is also advised that one desists from using complex technical or professional jargon.

Efficient delivery Techniques and Personal Presence

the word training The primary goal of a spokesperson is to introduce and put emphasis on his or her key messages. Since repetition equals retention, speakers need to earn how to recall crucial points without sounding monotonous. If this is not done, there is no chance that the media will recall them. Additionally, appearance, gestures, tone and facial expressions can also influence the delivery of the message and thus learn the aspect of efficient delivery lets speakers know how to use the said elements to their advantage.